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document printer, transaction printer for post and banking

Olivetti PR2 Enhanced (finished distribution)

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Olivetti Nomad-Jet 100

Olivetti PR2 E is a registration, document, or transaction printer, which is most often used for banking and post office applications as well as in public administration. Its use, however, is also suitable for other domains such as health services, travel industry, casinos, lotteries and others. The Olivetti PR2 E is the most commonly used matrix printer in the world, with high output efficiency, silent operation, small physical size, and with low operating costs. The printer permits printing in the pictogram as well as graphical mode on individual sheets, on blank forms with copies printed into bank passbooks, travel or personal documents, postal orders, lottery coupons, admission tickets, etc. The PR2 E is available in four basic types, each of which is available in two different models. The range including their features is presented below, following the specifications table. When selecting a model, it is necessary to consider its ultimate use and connectivity. It is possible to choose from three types of interface (or their combination) and for certain types, a model featuring magnetic reader. MICR reader, or else a scanner (or combination thereof) may be selected. The Olivetti PR2 Enhanced is the best choice for those, who have a need for such services.

 OLIVETTI PR2 Enhanced [599 567 bytes] - PDF format

Technology 24-pin dot matrix
Resolution 240 x 360 dpi
Printing speed at 10 cpi HSD: 350 cps, Draft: 260 cps, NLQ: 130 cps, LQ: 87 cps
Spacing 10, 12, 15, 16,6, 17,1 cpi
Line length 258,76 mm (94 columns at 10 cpi)
Line spacing 1/5", 1/6", n/216", n/240"
Number of insertors 1
Document Insertion Automatic with autoborder
Document Handling Completely flat paper feed
Document Thickness Automatic document-thickness monitoring
Feed width 245 mm
Number of copies Original + 4 copies
Emulation Olivetti Standard + IBM PP + X24, IBM 9068 + IBM PP + X24, SNI 4915
Interfaces Standard: RS232 seriál, Optional: USB place + second seriál, IEEE 1284 parallel
Fonts OCR A-B, ROMAN, Sans Serif, Italic, Bar Code
Ribbon cartridge 3,5 million characters
Dimensions (w x d x h) 384 x 280 x 204 mm
Weight 10.5 kg
Noise level <52 dBA (ISO 7779 with ECMA 132 text)
Voltage 110/240 V, 50/60 Hz, Built-in power supply
Power consumption Printing: 70 W max, Standby: 15W
Certifications IMQ, UL, CSA, CENECEL, FCCA, CE ISO 9001: 2000
Scanner Characteristics - embeded only in PR2 D10 - D12 model line
Technology Contact type
Physical position above the paper track
Horizontal position left-hand side
Maximum image width 210 mm
Definition 8 dots/mm (203 dots/inch)
Tones B/W or 16-level greyscale
Light source yellow LED
Scan time 4.5 msec/scan line
Connection via parallel port with EPC protocol
Option for models
MICR Reader able to read MICR, CMC7 and E13B code lines
Magnetic reader able to read magnetic strips
PR2 S10 E basic model line 10 with seriál interface
PR2 U10 E basic model S10 + second serial interface, USB interface
PR2 P10 E basic model S10 + IEEE 1284 parallel interface
PR2 S12 E basic model line 12 with serial interface and horizontal magnetic reader
PR2 U12 E basic model S12 + second serial interface, USB interface
PR2 P12 E basic model S12 + IEEE 1284 parallel interface
PR2 S12 M E basic model line 12 M with serial interface, horizontal magnetic reader and MICR reader
PR2 U12 M E basic model S12 M + second serial interface, USB interface
PR2 P12 M E basic model S12 M + IEEE 1284 parallel interface
PR2 D10 SC basic model line D10 with dual interface and A4 scanner
PR2 D12 SC basic model D10 + horizontal magnetic reader
PR2 D12 MICR SC basic model D10 + horizontal magnetic reader + MICR reader

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