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ink fax machine, data from memory

Olivetti Fax-Lab 450 (finished distribution)

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Olivetti Fax-Lab 450 SMS

Olivetti Fax-Lab 450 is an ink fax machine able to cope with medium faxing demands of an office, trading unit or other entity with similar requirements. In the fax and phone modes, it disposes of a number of functions improving user ease. For frequently dialled numbers it offers one-touch and abbreviated dialling, enables data transmission from memory, delayed transmission to up to 10 various locations, practical "HANDS-FREE" dialling, "POLLING" reception, and others. "CLIP" identification of the calling party is also one of the modern phone functions. Another interesting property is the "black list" to which you can add up to 10 numbers from which you ban receipt of fax messages. Unwanted faxes will be refused, which will save you time, paper and ink. Transmission quality is ensured by transmission error correction mode and improved by a grey shade range which amounts to 64 levels. The time needed to send one common document page is shortened to 7 seconds in the MMR compression mode. The memory can take in up to 50 pages (in MH compression mode) and sheet feeders satisfy the most demanding requirements - a paper drawer for 100 sheets and automatic document processor for 20 sheets.

 OLIVETTI Fax-Lab 450 [384 kB] - formát PDF

Specifications - Fax
Print technology bubble Ink Jet on plain paper
Compatibility ITU Group 3
Modem speed 14 400 bps
Transmission time 7 sec with MMR protocol
Data compression MH, MR, MMR
Line connection PSTN and PBX
Format A4
Shades of grey 64 levels
One touch/abbreviated dialing 8/52 numbers (fax or telephone)
Broadcasting Yes
Silent reception Yes
Delayed transmission Yes
Document memory up to 80 pages (MMR)
Error Correction Mode (ECM) Yes
Auto-switching fax-tel./fax-TAD Yes / Yes with external TAD
LCD display 2 lines x 16 characters
Paper cassette 100 sheets
Document feeder 20 sheets – Face-up
Specifications - Telephone
One touch/abbreviated dialing 8/52 numbers (fax or telephone)
CLIP function Yes
Hand set integrated
Answer machine embeded No, external connection Yes
Specifications - Copying
Number of copies up to 9 copies per original
Copying zoom 50%, 70%, 100%, 140%
Speed 2 cpm
Copy resolution 300 x 300 dpi
Phisical Characteristics
Power consumption standby 4W; max 25W
Dimensions (w x d x h) 345 x 244 x 308 mm
Machine weight 3.3 Kg
Life of consumables
Printhead black 450 pages (3,8% coverage)

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