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answer phone fax with SMS

Olivetti Fax-Lab 360 SMS (finished distribution)

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Olivetti Fax-Lab 360 SMS

Olivetti Fax-Lab 360 SMS is another machine from Olivetti fax line-up offering the revolutionary service of sending and receiving SMS. SMS can be sent not only to mobile phones but to e-mails and faxes as well. The memory can store up to 30 SMS and there can be up to 640 characters in a message. SMS can be printed out in two modes - either automatically at the moment the SMS is received or manually by pressing the relevant button. The modem speed of Fax-Lab 360 SMS is 14,400 bps, it means that one page of document is transmitted within 7 s. 64 levels of grey guarantees excellent print quality, paper drawer is for 50 sheets of paper and automatic document feeder is for the file of up to 15 sheets. Fax-Lab 360 SMS has integrated telephone handset with functions like caller identifier, different ringing tones, silent reception, communication via speakerphone etc. In standard Fax-Lab 360 SMS is equipped with a digital answering machine with 15 minute recording time, remote and confidential checking of messages etc.

 OLIVETTI Fax-Lab 310 SMS / Fax-Lab 360 SMS   [194 497 bytes] - PDF format

Specifications - fax
Technology ink-jet
Compatibility ITU Group 3
Modem speed 14 400 bps
Transmission time 7 s
Data compression MH, MR, MMR
Format A4
Shades of grey 64
One touch/abbreviated dialing 10/50 numbers
Broadcasting yes (1 document up to 10 locations)
Delayed transmission yes
TX from memory yes
Substitute/confidential reception yes/no
Polling yes
SMS TX/RX yes/yes (not available for some countries)
SMS print out yes (not available for some countries)
SMS compatibility ETSI 210 912
Memory for jobs & function 28 pages
ECM yes
Automatic switching fax/tel./TAD yes
LCD display 2 lines x 16 characters, external T.A.D. connection
Paper cassette 50 sheets
Document feeder 15 sheets
Dimensions/Weight 123 x 330 x 245 mm/ 3,8 kg
Power consumption max. 30 W, 2 W stand-by
Specifications - Telephone
One touch/abbreviated dialing 10/50 numbers
Answer phone digital 15 minutes
Other functions Caller identifier, Silent reception, hands-free conversation etc.
Specifications - Copying
Number of copies 1-9
Zoom 50%, 70%, 100%, 140%
Speed 2 ppm
Life of consumables
Printhead black 450 pages (3,8% coverage)

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