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digital photocopier, efficient office copier

Olivetti d-Copia 3000

Modular b/w digital copiers

Olivetti d-Copia 3000 Olivetti d-Copia 3000 is a digital photocopier expandable to a monochrome multifunctional system suitable for departments, work group environments and offices.
    Main features:
  1. copy speed at 30 cpm with resolution 600 x 600 dpi
  2. optional network printing and fax module
  3. adjustable monochrome touch-screen LCD panel with intuitive menu
  4. digital functions - cover mode, page numbering, margin shift, border erase
  5. stackless duplex unit in standard
  6. availability of two optional different stapling finishers
  7. standard paper capacity, including the by-pass, of 1,200 cut sheets
  8. 2 optional universal cassettes for a additional paper capacity of 1,000 sheets
 CONFIGURATOR  OLIVETTI d-Copia 2500/3000 [373 KB] - PDF format

Specifications - General
Type desktop copier
Technology semiconductor laser and electrophotography
Engine speed 30/15 ppm A4/A3
Output resolution max. 600 x 600 dpi (true)
Display 8.9 inch color touch panel
Paper size A3-A5R, folio universal cassette; bypass A3-A6R, Folio, envelopes, transparencies, cards
Paper capacity 2 x 500 sheets universal cassette; 200 sheets bypass tray pages; max. 2,200 sheets
Paper weight universal cassettes: 60-120 g/m2; bypass tray: 45-200 g/m2
Output capacity 250 sheets face down
Duplex unit capacity unlimited, A3 - A5, (60-80 g/m2); standard
Document feeder capacity 75 sheets, 45-160 g/m2, A3-A5R, Folio (duplex); optional
Warm-up time <15 sec. (10 sec from Low Power)
Noise level <66,5 dB operation; <47 dB stand-by
Power consumption 1,360 W max. config.; 560 W operation; 160 W stand-by; 3.2 W sleeping
Machine weight main body: about 75 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h) main body: 570 x 640 x 767 mm
Specifications - Copying
Max. original size A3, sheets, books, 3-D objects
Copy resolution 600 x 600 dpi, (1,800 dpi in photo mode)
Zoom 25% - 400% in 1% steps increments
Copy memory 64 MB RAM (max. 192 MB)
Number of copies up to 999
Exposure mode automatic, manual, 7 or 13 steps
Image adjustments text + photo, text, photo, 256 greyscale levels
First copy 4.7 sec or less (A4)
Copy features san-once-print-many, electronic sort, rotate sort, rotate copy, N-up copy, split copy, cover mode, saving toner mode, page numbering, margin shift, border erase
Specifications - Printing (optional)
Output resolution 1,200 dpi; 256 grey-scale levels
Print speed 30/15 ppm A4/A3
Processor PowerPC750Cxr 400MHz
Print memory 64 MB RAM (max.576 MB), hard disk HD-5 (optional)
Print compatibility Windows 95/98/NT Me/2000/2003/XP, Vista, Mac OS
Emulation PCL 6 including PJL, KPDL3 (compatible PostScript 3), KC-GL, Line Printer, IBM ProPrinter X24E, Diablo 630, Epson LQ-850, PDF direct print
Interface "Hi-Speed USB 2.0, Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-TX, 1 x KUIO-LV slot (for optional interface), 1 x CF card slot "
Resident fonts 80 outline fonts ( PCL6) 1 Bitmap font, 136 outline fonts (KPDL3), 45 types of one-dimensional barcodes, 1 type of two-dimensional barcode (PDF-417)
Print features job storage and job management functionality, eMPS – for quick copy, proof and hold, private print
Specifications - Faxing (optional)
Document size max. A3
Compatibility ITU-T Super G3
Resolution max. 600 x 600 dpi
Data compression MH, MR, MMH, JBIG
Modem speed 33.6 kbps
Transmission time less than 3 sec. (JBIG)
Fax memory 4 MB bitmap + 4 MB image (max. 8 MB bitmap + 32 MB image)
Fax features rotate transmission/reception, confidential, relay and bulletin board transmission
Platen cover covers original in operating
DP-670 75-sheet capacity RADF, (45-160g/m2, A3-A5R)
PF-670 2 x 500-sheet capacity paper drawer, (60-120g/m2, A3-A5R)
CP-2500 desk without paper drawer
DF-730 staple finisher; 1,000/500-sheet A4/A3 paper tray (64-128 g/m2); stapling 30/20 sheets A4/A3 in 1 position
DF-670 inner staple finisher; 500/250-sheet A4/A3 paper tray (60-105 g/m2); stapling 30/20 sheets A4/A3 in 1 position
JS-670 150-sheet internal job (45-90 g/m2, A3-A5R)
Printing System (Y) printer board
Fax System (P) fax board (HW, SW)
HD-5 HDD 40 GB for Printing System
MM-13-32 fax data memory
Upgrade copy memory 64 or 128 MB SDRAM DIMM
Upgrade print memory 64, 128, 256 or 512 MB DDR-SDRAM DIMM
Life of consumables
Toner 20,000 pages A4, 6% density
Maintenance kit MK-670 300,000 pages
Preventive Maintenance 300,000 pages
Monthly duty cycle max. 100,000 pages; average 10,000 pages

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