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color multifunction copier, printer, scanner, internet fax

Olivetti d-Color MF250

Multifunction colour digital systems

Olivetti d-Color MF250 Olivetti d-Color MF250 is a compact color multifunction copier providing high quality printing and offering a wide range of functions. The machine provides efficient and effective solutions to a wide range of office tasks and operations.
    Main features:
  1. color copier, color printer, color scanner and optional fax
  2. optional Fiery print controller for graphic professionals
  3. standard duplex, with managing increased up to 256 g/m2
  4. wide choice of document finishing options enables
  5. high level of security options with Biometric authentication
  6. scan to any commercial USB memory/USB memory to print (option)
  7. Network Fax allows Internet Fax, IP Address Fax, color IP Address Fax
  8. single user interface encompasses all PCL and PostScript printer languages
 CONFIGURATOR  OLIVETTI d-Color MF201/MF250/MF350 [537 KB] - formát PDF

Specifications - General
Type full-color digital copier/printer/scanner
Technology electrophotographic laser tandem; four lasers; toner CMYK
System memory 1,024 MB + 60 GB HDD shared with printer and copier (standard)
Engine speed 25 ppm (A4), 12 ppm (A3); b/w and color (copy and print)
Photocopy/Photoprint 256 greyscale, 256 colors (8 bit)
Output size A6-A3 wide, customised format, postcard (from bypass)
Paper capacity 2 x 500 sheets in drawers; + 150 sheets bypass (max. 3,650 sheets)
Paper weight universal cassettes: 60-256 g/m2; by-pass tray: 60-271 g/m2
Duplex unit capacity unlimited, A3 - A5, A3+ (64-256 g/m2); standard
Document feeder capacity 100 sheets (A4, 80 g/m2) A3 - B6R (35-210 g/m2, 50-128g/m2 duplex); option
First copy/print time full color: up to 11.7 sec. (A4); b/w: up to 7.7 sec. (A4)
Warm-up time 27 sec. b/w, 37 sec. color (from stand-by); 80 sec. b/w and color (power On)
Machine weight approx. 99 kg without accessories
Dimensions (w x d x h) 643 x 852 x 770 mm (main body without accessories)
Power consumption max. 1,500 W operation
Specifications - Copying (standard)
Original size Sheets, Books, 3-D objects; A5 - A3
Resolution max. 600 x 600 dpi
Zoom 25% - 400% in 0.1% steps increments
Multi-copy speed 1-sided: 25 cpm, 2-sided: 25 cpm (b//w and color, A4)
Number of copies up to 999 copies per original
Copy features chapter and cover mode, proof copy, adjustment test print, glossy mode, color, adjustment digital art, job recall, job setting, memory, poster mode, overlay, stamping
Specifications - Printing (standard)
Type embedded
Output resolution 600 x 1,800 dpi
Processor MC7447A / 1 GHz
Compatibility Windows 2000/XP/XP64/Vista 32/64 (under development); Macintosh 9.x/10.x, Server 2000/2003/2003x64, Unix, Linux, Citrix
Emulation PCL5e/c, PCL XL Ver. 2.1, PostScript 3 (3016), XPS Ver. 1.0
Interface Ethernet (10Base-T or 100Base-TX), USB 2.0/1.1
Network protocols TCP/IP(IPv4/IPv6), BOOTP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP, AutoIP, SLP, SNMP, FTP, LPR/LPD, RAW Socket, SMB over TCP/IP, IPP, HTTP, POP, SMTP, LDAP, NTP, SSL, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, Bonjour, NetBEUI, WebDAV, WSD, S/MIME, IPsec, DNS, DynamicDNS
Resident fonts 80 PCL Adobe fonts , 136 PostScript 3 Adobe fonts, 1 bitmap font
Print functions direct print of PCL, PS, TIFF, PDF, encrypted PDF file, overlay, copy protection
Specifications - Scanning (standard)
Type color
Max. original size A3+
Resolution 200/300/400/600 dpi
Scanning speed 70 color and b/w at 300 dpi; 50 color, 55 b/w at 600 dpi (with A4, ADF mandatory)
OS compatibility Windows NT4.0 SP6/2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Interface / protocol Ethernet 10Base-T,100Base-TX / TCP/IP (FTP, SMB, SMTP)
Driver TWAIN driver, HDD TWAIN driver
File formats TIFF, PDF, compact PDF, JPEG
Functionality scan to e-mail, scan to FTP, scan to HDD (Box), scan to PC (SMB)
Specifications - Faxing (optional)
Document size A3
Compatibility ECM/ Super G3
Data compression MH/ MR/ MMR/ JBIG
Line connection PSTN, PBX/ NNC, fax line (G3)
Modem speed 2.4 kbps - 33.6 kbps
Transmission time less than 3 sec. (V.34, JBIG)
Scanning speed 1 sec (A4/Fine mode)
Fax memory 1,024MB (Shared with copier)
Functionality Internet-fax, PC-fax, polling, receipt to confidential box, receipt to mail, FTP, SMB
IC-409 Fiery Controller for professional color print
FK-502 Fax board Super G3 HW, SW
ML-501 2nd fax line kit for FK-502
OC-507 platen cover
DF-611 RADF; A3 - B6R (35-210 g/m2, 50-128g/m2 duplex); 100 sheets (A4, 80 g/m2)
FS-519 sort, group and staple embedded finisher A5-A3+; (two outputs)
OT-602 additional output tray for separating printed pages (for FS-519)
PK-515 punch unit for FS-519 (4 holes)
MT-502 multifunctional mailbin kit for FS-519
SD-505 saddle stitcher kit for booklet folding and stapling (for FS-519)
JS-505 150/50-sheet job separator, not possible with finisher FS-519
PC-104 desk with 500-sheet universal cassette (A3-A5 60-256 g/m2)
PC-204 desk with 2 x 500-sheet universal cassette (A3-A5 60-256 g/m2)
PC-405 desk with 2 500-sheet large capacity cassette (A4 60-256 g/m2)
DK-504 desk
SA-501 scan accelerator kit
SC-503 security kit for extra data encryption in MFP Memory/HDD
SP-501 stamp unit stamps scanned originals (for DF-611)
EK-603 universal USB 2.0 host board for authentication units connection and external memory
AU-101 authentication unit (Finger Vein Scanner)
AU-201 authentication unit (IC Card Scanner)
Life of consumables
Toner black 24,500 pages A4 each, 5% density
Toners C/M/Y 19,000 pages A4 each, 5% density
Imaging unit black 100,000 pages
Imaging unit C/M/Y 75,000 pages

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